Day 0: Intentions

Virtual coffees to date: 0 | Excitement Level: High | Days till start: 1

Today is December 31, 2018, the day before I start the big experiment. When I first launched this project, I didn’t expect it to grab as much attention as it has – within 48 hours of making the announcement, I was booked through June 2019.

I’ve been reading every invitation that comes through my inbox, and I am so excited about all the conversations we’re going to have! Some common themes are starting to emerge – many bookings mention career change advice, navigating discrimination in tech, and how to achieve big goals. There are also some that are coming in with specific projects they want to discuss.

I’m going to honour the virtual circle of trust here and wait for permission to share any details of what we discuss in our virtual coffees, but I’ll be using this space to share updates from the journey!

Here are some things you can expect:

  • Statistics surrounding the bookings
  • Key themes
  • The most interesting things I’ve learned
  • Advice and stories that I share in meetings that I want to share more broadly
  • Personal reflections on the experience

If there is anything in particular you would like to see, drop me a line or message me anywhere, @theTrendyTechie.

And with that, happy 2019!

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