Extrovirtual Review: February Summary

Two months down, ten to go! I’ve met so many incredible Extrovirts through this project already and learned so much. One of the questions I get asked the most is, what am I hoping to gain from this project? When my company Crescendo was in the Techstars startup accelerator, I was constantly meeting new people, and when the program ended I felt that I needed to keep up the flow of new perspectives and information. Extrovirtual is an incredible way to meet people I wouldn’t otherwise connect with – by opening my calendar to strangers, I’ve met some amazing new friends.

Some favourite moments:

Conversations range in formality, and some meetings feel like fast friendships. One Extrovirt from Prague, who is also a writer and quite a creative, gave me a crash course in book binding! Another shared with me her experience working at a startup that was acquired by a large company, and I learned a lot about how company cultures combine. Many of my meetings were with North American expats, and I got to learn a lot about cultures all around the world (scroll down to see the country breakdown from this month).

Key themes this month:

One of the biggest themes this month was mentorship, specifically how to connect with potential mentors and convince them to work with you. Talking through this made me realize that I have developed a strategy for this process – here is my guide to winning over a potential mentor!

Mentorship, Social Media, Education, and Globalization were key recurring themes this February!

February by the numbers:

The majority of my meetings were from the US and Canada, but I also met people in Czech Republic, UAE, and the Philippines!

All in all, though there were more no-shows in February than in January, I’m loving this process! I’m so grateful to everyone who has booked time with me and I look forward to meeting everyone who has booked time in March and beyond.


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